Breathe, eat and live fashion


So today I had an 9-12 lecture that is called Fashion Industry Skills. What I think made it extra interesting is the fact that our lecturer is so successful and full of experience, and she has done it all by herself. She moved alone all the way from Australia to England, and here she is many years later and does hair styling for Prada, Vanity Fair, Vogue etc. She literally came from nothing, and ended up with everything she wanted. She also just started  a new clothing that I will definitely will check out! The module looks so interesting, we are going to work in teams and create fashion collections, magazine covers and shoots! It’s so exciting! We do get a lot of homework and assignments, since we have 4 different subjects. I don’t mind, it’s just a lot to take in these first days of school.

After the lecture was done we met the second grade, which seemed like a nice group of girls. they talked about internships and jobs they’ve had. I will definitely apply for London Fashion Week in February!


I bought all of this for my classes and projects. Man that was heavy to carry back to my dorm!
Our lecturers told us that if we want to success we need to breathe, eat and live fashion. I will try to breathe and live it, the eating part though.. I think I’ll just stick to my chicken salad for now.


ere is a sneak peak of my project, it’s inspired of memento mori which means “remember death”. Sort of gothic, dead chic fashion. I’ve been sitting at my desk for the last 5 hours with this so I have to engage in a new project now so I don’t get tired of this one haha.


Oh and don’t we just love this Starbucks cup? I know it’s in half of the pictures, but I guess that just gives you an ira of how much tea and coffee I’ve been drinking tonight. I topped it all of with a nice warm cup of chili chocolate, amazing!


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