Only the necessary

Heihei! This morning me and Ida- “” went to Southampton for shopping, the only thing I was looking for was a chunky turtle neck knit, but I ended up with everything else. Actually I think I managed to buy only necessary things, well things that I find necessary hehe.

f this isn’t the greatest thing ever, then I don’t know what is! As a student you have to manage your own money, and if you simply plan your meals you will save so much money! And those money could go to things like a meal planner haha! I thought it was super cute and I know I’ll use it.


All of this is from Primark, it was ridiculously cheap and I think Ida bought like 4 pi’s and a bunch of other Primark goodies. The store in Southampton had 3 huge floors, it was a bit too much for me, but I do enjoy their cute accessories department.
AS IF! Oh my god I love Clueless, Cher reminds me of an earlier Blair Waldorf and i do adore Blair. Anyhow, I bought this at Primark as well, I don’t really know when I’ll be using this but most likely when watching Clueless. If you for some reason have not seen this movie, do it right now!

I bought these pretty little things for me and my coworkers to use at Christmas!
I did splurge a little on makeup today, but… I’m out of bronzer, and the Hoola one I bought in England 3 years ago still have some left in it. So I see all of these beauties as investments, they are all products that lasts for months. Except the lip gloss, I bought it simply because it looked  fab.

My favorite facial mask from Lush! bought a bunch of other bubble bath supplies, but they are all for my mom, lucky her!

Tomorrow we are going to London on a mission. It’s not hard to guess what store I’m going to, but I can tell you that it starts with a P.


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