Hello! Yesterday me and my cousin went to London, and what a beautiful day to go to the capitol on. The weather was amazing, I knew it would be a good day no matter what weather it was though. We walked from the train station towards my favorite shopping streets, New and Old Bond street. This is where all the high end stores are, so if you are going to London and want to see some fancy shmancy designer stores I wold recommend that! We actually ended up walking up and down there a couple of times in search for the Prada store, and then for Selfridges, and Mulberry. When we walked in to the Prada store the people there were so polite and pleasant, there were no other customers than us so that was lovely. Unfortunately they did not have the bag I wanted in the right color. But they checked what other stores in London that would might have it and they found out that Selfridges did. So we went there, and bought the bag! I am still high on Prada, every time I look at it I feel blessed by the Prada gods. My flatmates thinks I’m crazy, but I just love bags!

I will show you the bag tomorrow as we are going out to eat soon and I want to take some good pictures of the bag to show. However, we did take a few pictures in London, I thought we took more but oh well! It probably won’t be long until the next trip to London.






We had ordered Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason yesterday as well, such a lovely place, felt unreal. Me and my family were there last fall, but this time we had champagne and this guy playing the piano the whole time. And no kids! It was absolutely fantastic, the food was great, the tea magnificent and the atmosphere heavenly. After tea time we shopped in all of the 4 floors! I will show you what I bought tomorrow or so, it was absolutely fabulous! Ida got so much tea, and I got bunches for my parents and 1 box for me. Honestly I don’t think students need tea from Fortnum, but we certainly need a Prada bag or two.


IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0082



I’ts been a fantastic weekend, I’m so happy Ida came to visit me. Even though my little dorm room is not big enough for us haha. Oh well! She leaves in the morning so tonight we are going to a pub called “Queens inn”, i ate there last fall and the food was amazing, very British. And yes, of course I’ll be wearing my new PRADA bag hihi


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