Student dinner

Hei, this week I’ve only had one lecture because my lecture on tuesday got canceled.. So on tuesday I cleaned up after my visit, washed clothes, read etc. And yesterday we went to the bank to create an English account. I honestly thought it would go fast, but we spent nearly two hours at NatWest, so annoying when you have other things to do! Then we went to Sainsbury’s to buy food. I actually had a shopping list, so I kept to my budget! But then I bought a detox and alcohol( love the combo right?) so I mean yeah, no it was over the budget haha! Everything on my iPhone got deleted the other day as well so I can’t check my account either, so much fun.

Anyhow, eating on a budget is not as hard as I thought it would be. Today I had Greek salad and mashed sweet potatoes from yesterday with bacon on top.

IMG_0119 IMG_0120

I have my first volley ball practice today, and as you can see my nails will cause issues haha! I honestly did not think about playing volley when I got them, I just thought they were pretty. Oh well, it’ll work out I’m sure of it!


I’m going to treat myself some Fortnum&Mason tea now,yummii.


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