Monday I’m in love

A couple of weeks ago, right after starting my course I wrote about my industry skills class here. And I wrote that my lecturer has her own clothing line, well I have had the chance to check it out and I really like it! She has brought pieces with her to class as well,  which is fantastic.

Click HERE to see her brand at ASOS market place.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 20.10.03


So here are a few pieces that I found on the Monday I’m in love blog, when I looked at it a couple of days ago there were other products as well but I guess they have been sold! The fabulous thing with this brand is that there is only one of a kind, so you will be the only one having it. My lecturer actually brought that pink knitted sweater with her to class to other day. Her sister makes the yarn and then ships it to the UK, where Kylie(my lecturer) has  a neighbour that knits the sweater. I think it’s very personal brand, when the designer actually knows everyone who contributes to the making of the garments.

Like I’ve written earlier, this is very inspiring. It makes you feel like you can do whatever you like to, there are so many opportunities. Even though fashion isn’t major in Norway, there is a big world and many things you can achieve if you just some effort into it.


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