Dear dad

Today is my dads birthday, sadly for him I’m not home to make the birthday the best ever. None of us are home actually, just him and our dog, Oscar.


Ok so this is my dad, and in this picture we are eating at a cafe in Arizona and if I remember right I don’t think this is what he expected to be served. But I mean, he ate it anyways of course haha. My dad eats anything, that’s probably why he can only cook spaghetti and tomato sauce, and eggs and bacon. That’s honestly about it. I should’ve gotten him a cook book for his birthday instead haha! Luckily my mother is a chef and usually we have really good food. But he’ll probably eat egg&bacon for dinner today, poor lad.



This is the most ridiculous thing ever. When we visited our dear American relatives in Washington state the guys dressed up as cowboys for my grandpas birthday. If he could, he would probably always be walking around with a mustachio, cowboy hat and a gun.  Not that it suits you, you know how much I hate those hats but you still keep on buying them. I’m looking forward to the day you wear one of them in Norway(not really)


This is what he’s really like, facial and champagne all the time. Such a girl. You didn’t think this picture would make it to the  internet did you? Well now it has hahah


This is at Broadway where we are about to see the Mamma Mia musical. I think my mom really meant to snap a photo of the three others and I’m just like wait me me me wants to be in the picture too! But dad, look, you are wearing a different coloured plaid shirt here. Amazing. Luckily for you that plaid shirts are in right now.


If you look closely in this picture, you will see that my brother and my father have the exact same expression. My grandpa can’t be bothered, and I pose for the camera per usual.

So dad, have a wonderful birthday, I’m sure you will have a good time with Oscar! I know it’s sad that I’m in England, mom and Knut Ivar is in Rhodos and that you are alone at home. BUT in only 57 days we will all be here in Winchester, time runs by so fast. I miss you a lot and I’m counting the days until I see all of you again!


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