Oh so you study fashion?

I am currently stressing about the enormous amount of workload we have been handed for this final month. I know I can do it, it’s just a lot of researching and a lot of writing. When I tell people that I study fashion they usually reply with : ooh that’s interesting. Or oh how fun/cute/nice. No one really knows what kind of pressure we are under, most students at this Uni has about 4-6 or less assignments in the first semester. Well per today I’ve had 2 reviews, one sketchbook handed in. For the next few weeks I will be in my second home, the library working on editing my editorial feminism shoot on photoshop( which I’m a total noob at), write a 1500 words report on this shoot, essay for journalism, industry skills essay, cultural history of dress essay and understanding markets report on 2500 words. In addition, we are going to make up our own brand, design a collection and a real bag. I would LOVE to spend hours on doing that as I like to draw and be creative, but I can’t  prioritise it because of the other work.

I love the course and my lecturers, but I think our class is on the edge of mental breakdown. The worst part is really when other students looks down at us because we just study fashion, something that is not as important as what they study.  I will be SO proud of all of us in January when this semester is done and we have turned in everything, then w can celebrate for 2 days before it’s back to work!

It may seem like complaining, but I’m just venting my anxiety of the work load. I really love this course, and I feel like I have chosen the right path, definitely. I enjoy it all, even though it’s eating, breathing and living fashion hehe. If you believe that the only thing we fashion students do is to read Vogue, you are horribly mistaken. I don’t even have time for that, I bought the December issue a week ago and I have barely had the time to read it.

fashion collage


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