Last night me and a couple of other girls went to the fabulous cinema in Winchester to see Hockney with our lecturers, Savithri and Kylie. Usually I go for the Hollywood trash, purely entertainment. But this was different from my usual Netflix shows.

David Hockney is a British painter who moved to California, and stayed there. He is absolutely fabulous and even though it was a documentary I laughed all the time. the movie captured his personality so well, he was different from everyone else at the time. Gay, platinum bleached hair, a mind that went everywhere it shouldn’t. His paintings are amazing, they reflect him and how he is as a person. He says he grew up in bohemia, maybe that is why his paintings are a bit abstract, a little everything. Free.

David Hockney, Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool, 1966, 

In the documentary we follow David through his life, his ups and downs. Meeting the love of his life, loosing his friends to HIV, becoming a famous artist and so on. We se clips from today and 50 years ago, interviews with friends of David who talks about him. Everything they tell us makes the audience laugh, David Hockney does seem like a funny person to be around.

David Hockney, Mum, 1988-89

After the documentary we had the fantastic experience of a live cinema. David Hockney was live from LA, viewed from over 200 movie theatres in England yesterday. He seemed just like he did in the documentary, all he really wanted was a cigarette and some champagne.


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