Sociology in fashion

Good evening. This semester we have a module called ‘ Introduction to Fashion 2: Sociological Perspectives’  something I think will be very interesting to work with. Especially since I get to use my Downton Abbey expertise for our assignments. I never had sociology in high school, I wish I did so I knew a little more, however not many other have had it either so I’m sure I’ll be good. The system with books are not the same as home in Norway, here we get a long list with suggested and recommended books. So we basically read what will suit the assignments we write. There are SO many fashion books, so lucky us who have a team of experts to tell us what we should get.

If you are new to the wonderful world of Downton Abbey, I suggest you click the picture below and watch the youtube clip. The plot is explained quite well, you might want to start watching the show and become just as addicted as I am.



We got a few pages from Fashion and its social agendas and I’m going to order it this week, or when then pound is a bit lower. It seems very interesting, I think I will gain a deeper understanding of class system and the importance of how people have dressed to show what social standard they had. We kind of still do don’t we?

Bonne nuit!


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