Relaxed weekend

This weekend have been so good. I have been a secret shopper in Southampton, also I’ve been an actual shopper and bought some black items for a certain week in London I might be attending. Nothing is for sure yet so I don’t want to curse it, but here’s to hoping!

Tomorrow is Monday so that means 3 hours of journalism and 3 hours of sociology. It’s the longest day we have but it’s fine, I prefer to get the longest day over with in the start of the week. I have done everything I was supposed to do for tomorrow, that makes me feel even better. I’m on a good vibe now, the motivation is strong, I have new gorgeous nails and lovely friends.




Me and Malin made waffles today, Norwegian ones with oats! They turned out pretty good, but too heavy since I only had brown sugar. I know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow! Well, I’m watching Princess Diary’s 2 an I need to watch more of it before I go to sleep haha, such a kid.


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