My day

This morning I decided that I was going to make a “my day” post and so I did.

I made my lunch, Norwegian waffle from last night and fruit, and ate my breakfast. Can’t function without it!

Had journalism from 9-12, nine in the morning has become a time where it’s too early for my brain to function. Possibly. Because I choose to blog about my life 1 in the morning? After journalism we had sociology, my absolute favourite module. Mostly since Downton Abbey is so important in it. Lucky me!


When I came back from lectures I watched the rest of Princess Diaries 2 that I started to watch last night. I can’t lie, it’s one of my favourite movies, I just can’t help it that I’m a major fan of chick flicks!!

I got my new marketing book, apparently it’s going to be vital for the subject. I have a goal to read a chapter a week to be ahead of the lecture.

Met up with Lene and Malin to do some work

Made delicious tomato soup for dinner, I’m quite surprised actually. So simple but yet so tasty and good!

And for the past few hours I’ve been doing covers for my notebooks (I admit the pics were does not show how good they turned out), they were so boring to look at but now they are inspiring! I also wrote about 6 postcards and 2 long letters.
I don’t start until 12 tomorrow, which is nice. I might get up early and I might not. Most likely the last one. Oh well, that was my day! What was your day like?


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