Last night I went out with some of the girls from the fashion course, It was sutch a good time, however I have not had a good time today haha. I have been so tired all day. But I managed to sit in the library for a couple of hours, pretty proud of that. Also I got my new keyboard for my iPad today, I really like it, b ut I think it’s too big for the tablet. I find that really strange,since it is for all of the iPads up to the fourth generation. It may be because I don’t have a cover on. Must find out! I really like bloging with it though, most of my pictures are from my iPhone or pics I have found online. And it’s so much faster finding them on the iPad!

I guess this picture explain the end of the night< God how I wish it could end like that today as well! Oh well, got to get ready for bed. Bright and early working out tomorrow morning.
xx Christine


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