Healthy, Cosmo style

Playing with Polyvore for an assignment I’m working on. The theme is “health” and I have chosen Cosmopolitan as the magazine I’m writing it for. So it should be very light, chatty and funny! I have been thinking of a lot of different ideas for it, it’s only going to be 500 or 600 words and then an analysis of the magazine. What I’m going to focus it on will definitely be that to be healthy is not to starve yourself, and it’s not to be obsessed about ‘strong is the new skinny’ to an extreme. It’s about being happy about yourself and who you are. Cosmopolitan is like the go to friend when you have a problem, like a girlfriend that knows anything. We had a guest lecturer on Monday, Taylor Anderson. And she is is the health guru of Cosmo, which is very exciting! She even has her own show now.

I adored her, she was just fabolous. And I know that the main question everyone was dying to ask was ‘how do you do your hair?!’


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