We have arrived London today, of course something happened that made it a bit complicated. I had booked a room at a hostel with 4 beds from today until next Wednsday. When we arrived though, the man in the reseption said that there were no rooms available for us and we needed to live 1 in each room seperatly. I was so annoyed, as we had agreed on this long time ago. However there was another place right down the street, so we got two rooms and two girls in each. It did seem a bit sketchy, but then I talked to the other girls who lives there and they were so funny and nice. I think it’ll be an adventure and really fun!




Right now we are sitting at a Starbucks, so we can work on our assignments while we are here. The area we live in has a lot of food shops as well so I’m sure we will buy some food and stuf. Tomorrow we are going to an orientation meeting where they will explain how it all works out so that is exciting! After all, we are here to work.




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