Real world

Good eve! I am back in Winchester after a fantastic and hectic Fashion Week in London. I have about one thousand pictures from the shows and of course some back stage snapshots. I have to get them all sorted before I post anything. However, I mentioned in an earlier post how fortunate and blessed I feel, after living at the hostel I realised how good my life is. Sometimes we need a friendly reminder that not all of us can go to Uni or have £1000 bags. Fashion Week is an event that is created for a certain group of people, I loved every second of it, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit sick. It is actually unreal how horrible some people have it. I don’t think we realise it before we see it with our own eyes, the adds on TV can not compare to real life experience.


I have never been the person in the circle who care most about the environment, social issues or anything like it. But after moving to England I think it is changing. Maybe I’m just realising how horrible the real world is. It’s not just saving up for a Mulberry bag, some people actually have to save up for a piece of bread.


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