Bloody hot

All year around we complain about the weather, in Norway its too cold and in England it rains too much. And when the temperature reaches southern European standards we complain as well. The last couple of days have been lovely, except that I’ve felt like a polar bear in Uganda. It’s been so hot that I’ve had problems falling asleep, and breathing. It feels like a cold, but I think it’s allergies kicking in.Even though I’ve never had it before. So just imagine sleeping in a really hot room with stuffed air, all four windows wide open but you still can not breathe. I am sleeping on the couch in the living room tonight because I can’t stand one more night like that. Tomorrow the weather is suppose to change, which means that we will have something new to complain about right?


// selfie before attending a birthday party for a dear friend, and then leaving early because I couldn’t breathe, such a party queen


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