Fav hair products

I, like every other girl  have tried out all sorts of hair products and ended up being annoyed because my hair doesn’t look like promised. Well thank God that my hair dresser have helped me because it really is a jungle out there. How am I supposed to know what mousse suits my hair? Actually I refuse to do my hair any other place than at my #1 hair man in my town. So here is what Benny have made me try this time.


// Alright, the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever had. It’s from the Oil Wonders series from Matrix, as you could probably tell. Oil products are everywhere now so nothing new with the name, the effect however, wow! It makes your hair smooth without making it heavy and greasy. I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of shiny but not greasy. I had real oil in my hair once, don’t try it at home because you will have oily hair for days.


// Firstly, the oil of all oils. A key word in the series is weightless, because that is what your hair will feel like after using this oil. It adds shine to frizz, nourishes the split ends and just makes you fab. Use it in towel dry hair and spread it evenly, or after straightening/curling to add shine and definition.

// The blow dry oil. This is a gift sent from heaven (or Benny). Girls with thick hair will love this. Just spray it all around in towel dry hair and blow dry, super effective!

// Shaping cream. Alright so this I didn’t get when i first tried it out. But then I asked, and was told that if you ever have frizz in your hair you must use this and it will disappear. Yes, yes it does. I use this in certain sections of my hair and it really helps.


// I use this hair spray all the time, it is so effective and holds every hair in its place. And it smells like a salon, imagine feeling salon fresh every morning, wonderful! Thats probably how Kim K feels every day.

//If you want a messier finish, for example with a braid or beach hair then this is the best! And especially if you usually tease your hair a bit to get that extra volume, no need for that when you can just spray on this!


// Volume builder is perfects if you like that bombshell hair. It holds perfectly, I always blow dry in sections so I can build the volume how I like. And speaking of blow drying↓

// The most important foundation of a good hair day (life) is a proper heat protector. I have used the protectors from ghd before but I absolutely love this one. It doesn’t make my hair feel so crisp after blow drying. I always spray it in, no matter if I’m blow drying or not.


The day I decide to write about what  I use in my hair I haven’t had any of these products in it. Brilliant isn’t it haha! As you can see, the side of the hair close to my face gets bit frizzy and that is where I use the shaping cream.


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